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Learning and Development

J Anthony’s teams of professional learning advocates employ up-to-date and practical tools and methodologies, interactive training programs, world-class evaluation metrics, and global learning capabilities and interventions to empower, engage and energize your employees to become outstanding performers. J Anthony offers the following learning series designed to address the developmental requirements of your entire organization - from the staff to senior management:

  • Business Essentials
  • Effective Communication
  • Management Development
  • Professional Habits
  • Service Excellence
  • Executive Development
  • Teambuilding

Each learning series consists of modules ranging from the basic to the more advanced programs catering to the specific needs of the organization and the learning requirements of the participants. The firm also offers customized programs developed to address specific concerns and objectives of Management. To further raise your company’s standard of expertise, J Anthony likewise partners with leading local and global institutions to facilitate certification programs in such fields as insurance, corporate governance, and human resource management, among others.


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