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Retained HR Consultancy

Through its Retained HR Consultancy Services, J Anthony provides you access to best practices that are consistent with legal requirements and mindful of market practices thereby extending your HR capabilities and allowing you to achieve cost efficiencies.

This unique HR service, which banks on the firm's reservoir of talent and experience, aims to provide clients with the basic HR framework in both programs and systems, allowing even small businesses and start-up companies to enjoy a professionally-run HR operation. J Anthony’s pool of experienced HR professionals provides direct access to solutions addressing daily operational matters in the areas of labor relations, compensation and benefits administration, regulatory requirements, and other employee related activities. This is an advantageous, cost-efficient alternative to hiring a full-time senior HR executive to manage your organization’s HR function.

Various service packages are available and are designed to meet clients’ unique requirements -- whether on a short-term ad hoc or on a more permanent basis. In line with the firm’s philosophy of knowledge transfer, J Anthony aims to equip clients with the necessary skills and competencies, as well as the basic HR programs and systems, to enable clients to eventually self-manage their HR operations.

On-Call HR

This service will make available HR experts/consultants 24/7 via phone call or email to address day-to-day HR concerns or queries of senior management and/or HR personnel. This highly affordable HR alternative offers guidance for a variety of concerns including:

  • Mandatory Benefits
  • Proper incident documentation
  • Imposition of Disciplinary Actions
  • Employee termination
  • Interpretation of Company Policies
  • Overtime pay requirements
  • Threat of unionism
  • And a variety of other HR issues

Development of Basic HR Systems & Programs

This service will make available consultants who will organize your HR structure, assist in determining the appropriate manning level of your HR team and provide guidance to your HR personnel regarding their roles and responsibilities to the organization. The consultants will likewise develop basic HR programs, polices, procedures, forms and systems to enable you to operate your HR unit professionally, effectively and efficiently and ensure compliance with statutory requirements and consistency with market practices.

This service is particularly useful for companies without an organized HR unit or those whose HR team is being run on an ad-hoc basis.

HR Audit - Programs

This service will make available consultants who will review your HR organization structure and manning levels to determine efficiency and effectiveness of your HR operation. As an additional option under this package, our consultants may also be engaged to look into current HR programs and policies in place in your organization to assess their compliance with government requirements and laws, their alignment to market trends and their appropriateness to current company practices and direction. professionally, effectively and efficiently and ensure compliance with statutory requirements and consistency with market practices.

HR Audit - Administration

To avoid being cited by auditors and government regulatory agencies, this is an added option that may be availed of where our consultants may be made available to conduct HR audits on the actual administration / implementation of your HR programs & policies to evaluate adherence to set policies and procedures and to ensure compliance to government requirements and laws. Audits may done on the administration of the following programs:

  • Loans Programs
  • Payroll Policies
  • Terminal Benefits Procedures
  • Other Benefits Programs